Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mini-review of Amir Motlagh's new short Plain Us

Plain Us is a 20-30 some minute (not sure about the exact running time, will find out & update soon), shot on 35 MM (w/ the first scene or two on digital video), slice of life drama depicting a touring musician's visit to his home town. The musician - an indie rocker of course :) - (played by Motlagh) has a young daughter. Motlagh's character is not on good terms with his daughter's mother. The short is well acted (always impressive whenever I see low-budget indie directors work well with child actors), and well shot & overall well made; well directed, acted, photographed, edited and scored. Plain Us is definitely not a plot-driven piece, more a low-key observation of a few special moments, & also some dramatic moments, in the lives of three people. The short also feels like it could be a part of a feature; does a really good job introducing an interesting character & a situation; a young artist with a home vs. the road conflict - and it would be even more interesting to see that character inside a bigger story; maybe something like this will happen in the near future, as I hear that Motlagh is currently editing a couple of features that he filmed during the past couple of years.

For more info. on Plain Us, go here.

Here's the trailer:

- Sujewa

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