Monday, April 21, 2008

Plain Us, new short by Amir Motlagh, trailer & info.

I hear that a DVD of the short is on its way across America to me, so a review will be up on this site soon. In the meantime, here is the trailer to Amir Motlagh's new short Plain Us, shot on 35 MM:

Info. on the film, from Motlagh's blog:

"So, my new film Plain Us is finished and i ‘m ready for both the love and the hate. I wrote and directed the piece. It was shot by cinematographer Zamir Kokonozi on 35mm, who also shot my last film knock knock.

The film also features songs on the upcoming full length Shanks and the Dreamers album, My Darling Dia.

Here is a short synopsis: “Cy, a touring musician in an up and coming band drops into the town he grew up in”:

In my next few post i’ll get more in depth with the process, and conception of the piece.

The film features:
Kindy Barr
Nadia Anwar
Art Toussi
Tom O’Connell
Rami Dogg
Kristen Penza
Josh Virnick"

Once again, Motlagh's blog.

- Sujewa

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