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Thorne plates, Gott loops & other time travel devices :: Type III civilizations & modern humans

It must be fantastic science Monday here at this blog :) For people interested in time travel, this article at Wired, by theoretical physics professor Michio Kaku should be interesting. Check it out.

And when you are done, & specially if you've heard of Type III civilizations (civilizations that are able to harness the power of entire galaxies, we at present are a type 0 civilization - but heading for Type I - planetary - able to harness the power of a single planet, on the Kardashev scale), check out this article re: the possible relationship between our human civilization & a Type III alien civilization.

And a few people are/were discussing Type III civilizations here. The idea of Type III civilizations are interesting because such people (or aliens) would have the ability to create universes & possibly new species of animals - basically the powers attributed to "creator gods" in ancient human mythologies & creation stories.

- Sujewa


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