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Yeast links: iW interview, Tully's review

From an indieWIRE interview of Yeast director Mary Bronstein:
"Please elaborate a bit on your approach to making the film.

I am actually very excited with how this project ended up getting made. After I decided to make the thing, I didn't really know what to do. I approached Greta Gerwig about making a project together with the same themes, but sort of a different story. She had the awesome idea to set this part of the film on a camping trip. Then I thought I'd bring in more from my original outline and asked my long-time friend Amy Judd to be involved. I made another outline that combined the two stories and sent it to both Greta and Amy. They made additions, changes and fleshed out their characters and sent it back to me. We did this until I had something to finalize into a script. However, we used the script as a blueprint for doing the creative work of the movie within, rather than a master document of how the film would be. I would meet with the actors before a scene and we'd go through everything, the entire arch of the scene. Then, once on the set we'd film the entire process, from rehearsal to final take. Ronnie acted as assistant director, pushing the energy of the performances and helping me stay on track because...well, directing yourself is very, very hard! I plan on perfecting this off-set/on-set directing process for the next project."
Read the rest of the interview at iW.
Mike Tully reviews Yeast over at his Boredom at Its Boredest blog. From the review:
"Trying to uncover a cinematic precedent for Mary Bronstein’s Yeast is quite the assignment. Has there ever been a film written and directed by a female--and perhaps most importantly, starring--that is so unflinching, unflattering, and uncomfortable? Barbara Loden’s Wanda? Marina de Van’s In My Skin? Jodie Foster's Little Man Tate? (Just kidding about that last one.) Yet those comparisons don’t apply completely, because while Bronstein’s debut more than deserves those blunt, abrasive adjectives, it also happens to be laugh-out-loud funny and somehow, against all of those seemingly insurmountable odds, surprisingly light."
Read the rest of the review here.

Yeast screens at the Maryland Film Festival in Baltimore, MD this weekend, Sat 5/3 & Sun 5/4:


May 3,
1:30 PM
Charles Theater 1
Buy Tickets

May 4,
4:30 PM
Charles Theater 2
>> Buy Tickets "


More at the MFF site.


- Sujewa


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