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Yes, but when was the last time someone who was not a young "black" male got shot over a dozen times & killed by multiple plain clothed NYC cops?

So the legal system has exonerated the 3 police officers who shot Sean Bell 50 times and killed him. The only other time in recent memory where such a killing happened was, again, in NYC, & again the victim was another "black" male - and that time, yes again - several plain clothed police officers, shot Amadou Diallo 41 times & killed him. And in both cases the victims were unarmed. Coincidence or are some NYC plain clothed officers just very nervous/trigger happy when they think a "black" male is reaching for a gun? (but really, 50 shots! ????) Maybe the Justice Department's review of the Bell case will provide some answers as to why some plain clothed police officers in NYC are using excessive & deadly force against unarmed NYC citizens; specifically young "black" male citizens - 1 time could be discounted as a freak accident, but 2 times is definitely a pattern.

(and yes, i am not blind to the hundreds & thousands of other incidents yearly where the NYC cops do their job well & help people, etc. my personal interactions with them have been pleasant. and i know the police have a very tough job to do & i am glad they are there - BUT the Diallo & Bell cases are very disturbing)

Several different takes on the matter, from YouTube:

- Sujewa


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