Werewolf Ninja Philosopher at Vimeo VOD

a little v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n

Message from Matt Z. Seitz

Let's try creating a filmmaker group show type film festival

Maybe in support of Sex and the City; a clip from Sullivan's Travels

A new film festival in Austin

Links to all my SilverDocs posts

North American premiere of Generation 68 at SilverDocs

SilverDocs '08 films

My comment re: Jonathan Marlow's "They didn't build their sales model for you"

Interview with Peter X. Feng

Will be in NYC this weekend (w/ DNO screeners)

New date (Fri nights), new venue for the June, July, August, September screenings

Cultural and philosophical attributes of indie

Canana is Mexican for art movies

Michael Guillen on The Global Film Initiative

Rooftop Films Sat 5/31 night in Brooklyn

"many classic films were edited with a razor blade and tape" - Kelley Baker

"They didn't build their sales model for you" - Jonathan Marlow

Long introduction

Armando Valle on his visit to Lo-Def & on Date Number One

a few photos from Lo-Def screening #1, 5/22, Date Number One

Lo-Def screening 1 was a success, DNO will get a 1 week run in Silver Spring this summer, Lo-Def #2 on June 26

Texas Snow review at The Chutry Experiment

See ya tonight in Silver Spring!

Check out some Cory & Yann Seznec music

Two ideas DIY filmmakers do not have to accept

Thanks for the movies Ray

Historic Blockbuster tour

Another source for DIY screening promotion ideas: Promoting A Film Festival for the Long Tail article

Clean Freak, Dog Me: Potluck, need to get the DNO trailer done, various

The Label & The New Digital World Order

ABC news wants you to report from the future

The Edge of Heaven trailer

See ya Thu @ Lo-Def!

On the shape of this thing - a film festival attendance #s & $s note

Young @ Heart review at The Chutry Experiment

Stonehenge VII/CharmHenge/indie film auditions tomorrow in Baltimore

From a letter by Barry Levinson, John Waters, David "The Wire" Simon re: Maryland Film Festival's Friends of the Fest program

Strange but true: a Jarmusch movie inspired exhibit at a Chinese art museum

Stranger Than Paradise at Denver Art Museum TONIGHT

Will be showing short films at Lo-Def on 6/26, submit yours

Arteta, Sollett, July, Katz, Reichardt, & Bronstein talk about lighting

Nice city scenes & old timey music; Paris in the Spring video

Slow but exciting move; will be in NYC on the weekends starting June 28

The Future of Indie Film & the Maryland Film Festival: A Conversation with Festival Director Jed Dietz

Talking About A Gloriously Uncomfortable Situation; Interview With YEAST Director Mary Bronstein

Be back (w/ non-DNO stuff) on 5/23