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18 posts about Maryland Film Festival!

Looks like so far I posted 18 times about this past weekend's Maryland Film Festival, check 'em out through here.

- Sujewa


JuJu Z said…
I loved reading your posts about the MDFF, I've been following them since before the festival. Thanks for coming out to join us! And on that note, I hope to be able to come out and join you at the Silver Spring screening. Good luck!
The Sujewa said…
Thanks a lot! And next year, perhaps the two activities will combine; I'll submit one of my new movies to MDFF 11/the '09 version, & I can blog about screening my movie at the MDFF :).
See ya on 5/22 if u make it, & introduce yourself/say helloooo.

- Sujewa
PR_GMR said…
You're a very prolific blogger. I just posted my own MD Film Fest wrap-up after two days of resting from the festival. Perhaps we'll indeed get to see one of your films up here next year.

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