Monday, May 19, 2008

ABC news wants you to report from the future

Go to the site for more info; but here is some:

"In an unprecedented television event, ABC News is asking you to help create a story that has yet to unfold. What will our world look like in one hundred years if we don't save our troubled planet?

You, our reporters from the future, will invent short videos from the years 2015, 2050, 2070, and 2100. The ideas and events in your videos will be combined with the projections of top scientists, historians, and economists to form a powerful web-based narrative about the dangers of our current path.

The most compelling reports will also form the backbone of the two-hour prime time ABC News special: Earth 2100, airing this fall."

More at

Hopefully some people will create videos that also focus on the benefits of aspects of the "current path" of the world, not just the "dangers". Sounds like it could be an interesting program, also a good way to influence the creation of the future/how things that are yet to happen can or should happen.

- Sujewa

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