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Clean Freak, Dog Me: Potluck, need to get the DNO trailer done, various

Got Chris Hansen's latest film the short Clean Freak in the mail today. Also received a feature called Dog Me: Potluck (IMDB), (official site) by Silver Spring, MD based filmmaker M. David Lee III. Looking forward to checking these two flicks out when I get some down time later this month.

Everything takes 50x longer in DIY filmmaking & self-distribution because a lot of things are being done by one person & when there is a free/non-day job & other-stuff-that-has-to-get-done moment. And that's cool, every situation has its down sides; I am sure indiewood & Hollywood filmmakers have complaints about their situations too. Even though a lot needs to happen over the next couple of days before the Thu screening of the new version of DNO in Silver Spring, I am going to try to cut & post up a trailer for DNO tomorrow.

Will have screener DVDs of the new version of DNO this weekend. Retail DVDs at some point soon (probably after I figure out if I am doing a longer run of DNO soon, see below). I am glad I did not release a DVD of the '06 version of the movie - sometimes procrastination has its benefits - I like the new '08 version of the movie a whole lot better.

It's summertime (or almost summertime), and I am thinking about doing a week long or longer run of DNO this year, just like last year, but with a lot more publicity. Will know more about this by the end of this month.

I think such a run needs to be promoted for months in all local media in order for it to succeed. Or at least promote it as much as a large film festival gets promoted.

This figuring out self-distribution stuff is almost as interesting as filmmaking. And things seem to get easier as I do more screenings, try different approaches to solving promotion, attendance, etc. issues. Being heavily involved in both production & distribution is definitely the way to go for me.

Eventually we will get to the right destination, will find the right combination of activities, effort, & methods to make DIY film work as a revenue generating thing that also includes wide distribution & total creative control & ownership of finished films by the filmmakers - a thing that can stand totally well outside of Hollywood & indiewood & release interesting movies on a regular basis; further developing the work Jim Jarmusch, Spike Lee & everyone who helped them did in setting up the indie film world of the 80's. In the meantime, the voyage is enjoyable.

Need to go put up some posters & add MySpace friends to the movie, later on.

- Sujewa


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