Friday, May 16, 2008

From a letter by Barry Levinson, John Waters, David "The Wire" Simon re: Maryland Film Festival's Friends of the Fest program

From the Maryland Film Festival's Friends of the Festival program page on their site:

" Dear Fellow Film Lover,

We're continuing our support of the Maryland Film Festival, but we need you to join us. We want you to become a Friend of the Festival. You'll see fantastic films year-round and get the chance to discuss them with the filmmakers themselves. A Friend of the Festival membership is simply a must for anyone who loves film.

We've all lived and worked in Baltimore and throughout Maryland, so we know firsthand that it's home to great people and a fantastic place to shoot movies. In fact, we'd like more filmmakers to discover Maryland."

Read the rest of the letter by Levinson, Waters, Simon at this page.

If you were already a Friend of the Fest, you would have received an e-mail yesterday with info. on getting a free pass (for the 1st 50 Friends who responded) to watch Hitchcock's North by Northwest at the Charles Theater.

So, go check out the program here. Membership starts at just $50.

- Sujewa

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