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Links to all my SilverDocs posts

It's that time of the year again folks; the "sleepy"? town of Silver Spring, MD turns into a pretty gigantic celebration of documentary films, doc filmmaking, & doc filmmakers. I'll post links to all my posts about SilverDocs '08 on this page, so that we may locate them with ease in the future.

6/27 update: This page is missing a few links, will add them next week. In the meantime, click on the blog's title, go to the top of the blog & scroll down to see a few SilverDocs entries.

SilverDocs 2008 posts

North American Premiere of Generation 68 at SilverDocs - 5/28/08

SilverDocs '08 films - 5/28/08

- Sujewa


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