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Lo-Def screening 1 was a success, DNO will get a 1 week run in Silver Spring this summer, Lo-Def #2 on June 26

5/25 update: no 1 week run of DNO @ Back Room this summer, venue is too busy, however, the other Lo-Def screenings (June, July, August) planned thus far are still on (will update if those changes).

I am glad (& am a little bit surprised) that Lo-Def #1 came off as well as it did (tons of impossible deadlines had to be met, but in the end it all came together). Photos & notes tomorrow (sleep now).

Some of the fruit of Lo-Def #1:

- DNO will get a week (maybe more) long run in Silver Spring, @ Back Room @ Jackie's, this summer, dates coming soon

- had to finish the new version of DNO (nothing like a screening deadline/one for your own event - as motivation), instead of keeping on editing it forever; the film is vastly improved (a little more sound work needed in A Romantic Dinner For 3, this weekend, and then that's it, no more editing, screeners going out to people & places & indie film events on Monday, & very soon (June) limited DVD sales/from my site for the most part, will wait for wider DVD sales/push until after I screen the movie some more).

- got to hang out w/ potential future collaborators (actors, crew, filmmakers for future lo-def screenings, etc.)

A very special thanks goes out to everyone who made Lo-Def #1 possible & everyone who has supported Date Number One thus far. Can't do these nifty DIY film things I do w/ out your help.
Photos tomorrow.

Lo-Def #2 June 26; several cool shorts from around America. Details soon.

- Sujewa


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