Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rooftop Films Sat 5/31 night in Brooklyn

On the program for this Saturday's Rooftop Films event is At the Death House Door. From the RF site:

" "At the Death House Door," directed by Steve James and Peter Glibert (the director and producers of “Hoop Dreams”), is a gripping, fascinating, powerful film about Pickett, about a wrongly-executed man named Carlos De Luna and his family, and about the tragic moral mistake that is the death penalty. Pickett's character unfolds with a stately grace. Being an old-fashioned Texan, he's reluctant to reveal his emotions, a trait which only makes them burn with more ferocity as you see them shine through, as you watch an amazing evolution of a man's feelings and ideology. It’s a rare and stunning transformation to see in a documentary, or in life in general."

More here.

Even though I am for the death penalty ('cause some evil people need to die) in some cases (as long as the right person gets killed), I am still looking forward to checking out this movie. And I am sure the post-show discussion will be interesting.

- Sujewa

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