Friday, May 16, 2008

Strange but true: a Jarmusch movie inspired exhibit at a Chinese art museum

In another Jarmusch movie + art museum event news item, MoCA Shanghai opens a new exhibit/project called Night On Earth tomorrow; from their site:

" MoCA Shanghai proudly presents Night On Earth, an innovative new project connecting a series of urban arts events in Berlin, Shanghai and Helsinki during the spring and summer of 2008. Night On Earth is an international co-production, generating a creative interaction between artists and the public through a series of intertwined events."

More here.

And a little bit more about the project from China Daily:

"Night On Earth is a three-part exhibition touring Berlin, Shanghai, and Helsinki. The exhibition is named after the Jim Jarmusch movie that follows five cabbies in five cities around the world on one crazy night. For their Shanghai stop, Asian and European artists thread together the urban cultures of three cities in one crazy exhibition."

More here.


So, China; pretty awful human rights record, but sometimes good taste in art movies & related projects? Very interesting. Strange world indeed.

- Sujewa

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