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Why I Blog

Since some indie film bloggers are stopping or thinking about stopping their web journal writing activity, I thought for a minute about why I blog; and here are 10 reasons:

1. Blogging is a way to promote my filmmaking work

2. Blogging is writing, and writing on a regular basis generates new ideas - ideas that are useful for my films

3. Blogs are an important part of the real indie filmmaking & distribution community, and I like participating in & being a part of that community through my blog & other means

4. I get free passes to screenings at film festivals because I blog

5. I get to meet; interview, etc., other filmmakers & others who are a part of the indie film world, thus increasing my list of contacts, making it easier for me to make & distribute movies

6. I can promote movies, people, causes, and things I like through my blog

7. I can speak against things I do not like through my blog

8. Once I received a $25 donation from a fan of this blog

9. I make new friends through blogging

10. Blogging is easy & fast, thus a convenient thing to do if I want to work in a tiny bit of creativity into an otherwise day job & life maintenance work filled day; blogging is a somewhat productive creative escapist activity, & also can be a reinvigorating activity.

That said, this week most of my blogging will have to happen during the weekend, 'cause I need to get a bunch of extra work done to be ready for the 5/22 screening of Date Number One. So, some new posts during the week, a lot this weekend. I think making blogging a complementary part of other real world work is the way to go, as far as making blogging a lasting activity/avoiding burnout.

- Sujewa


PR_GMR said…
Great post! I wholeheartedly agree with all 10 of your reasons (well, 9. I've yet have any money donated to me). These are the reasons why I also blog.
The Sujewa said…
Thanks for the positive words there Mr. Armando. Checked out your MDFF notes, good stuff. See ya at Charmhenge!

- Sujewa

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