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Yeast director Mary Bronstein interview at Linear Reflections

From Linear Reflections:

"LR: How did this project come to fruition? If you could, please provide me with a rundown, start to finish, from your involvement.

[Bronstein] I decided to make this film after I realized that I didn’t want to wait around for other people to make projects. I wanted to make a film about female friendships that dealt with the issues of resentment, hostility and emotional manipulation that often are present in too-close enmeshed friendships of either sex. I wanted to make a film about women that I’ve never seen before, about people who have no business being friends with each other but don’t know how to stop. And I wanted to see if I could pull it off. I wrote out an outline and tried to get my husband Ronnie to make it as his next project. When that didn't work, I decided that I liked the ideas too much to give up and tried to make it anyway."

Read the rest here.

Go here for more on Yeast.

- Sujewa


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