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1st reaction to Indie Film Blogger Road Trip is in!

If you want to skip this intro & go directly to Chuck Tryon's post about my new doc Indie Film Blogger Road Trip, here's the link, dive in.

As Chuck says several times in his post, he is a part of the doc so his post is not really an official review. Regardless, I am glad that the idea I had a little over 6 months ago is now alive & visible & audible as a feature length doc & it is very satisfying to get a response - a lengthy & well thought out response - from someone other than myself/another audience member re: IFBRT. As fas as I know Chuck is the first person (other than myself) to see the completed movie. Certainly he is the first media professional to write about it. From Chuck's post:

"At the same time, Sujewa is attentive to the various ways that all of his interviewees are invested in blogging as an activity, even if, as Anthony Kaufman confesses at one point, we don’t always like doing it or like what it has done to film and entertainment journalism. Other bloggers complicate the perception that the indie film community is a completely inclusive, utopian space. As Judy Wajcman observes in her excellent book, TechnoFeminism, “networks create not merely insiders, but also outsiders, the partially enrolled, and those who refuse to be enrolled” (42-43). Melissa Silverstein, for example, took the time to challenge the “all boys club” tendency of many blogging communities, while Armando Valle pointed out that indie festivals often have less room for genre pics such as low-budget horror films. To Sujewa’s great credit, he took great care to ensure that he presented a multi-faceted and diverse portrait of the blogging community, while also acknowledging the ways that we sometimes fail to be fully inclusive. In addition to all that, it was certainly fun to see so many of the bloggers I’ve been reading, in some cases, for several years and to get some history of film blogging from people, such as Kaufman and S.T. VanAirsdale, who have (like myself) been practicing the fine art of film blogging for some time."

Read the rest of the post here.

- Sujewa


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