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Coming soon - more on new DIY filmmakers - Range Life team, 1 Way family, & others

As noted in Filmmaker Magazine blog & elsewhere, there are four DIY filmmakers on tour together at the moment - a project led by Todd Sklar of Range Life Entertainment.

And in New York there are several new filmmakers taking ultra-indie production & self distribution to heart, working together, & coming out with several new feature projects - heard about this new NYC DIY group through Princeton Holt - of 1 Way or Another Productions.

I am working on an interview with Sklar and will be attending a screening event (Sexy International Film Festival) featuring a 1 Way film (Cookies & Cream, directed by Holt) this weekend in NYC, so, more on these two new groups of DIY filmmakers soon at this blog.

Also, have received (yet unanswered in some cases) e-mails from several other new DIY filmmakers recently, will look into their projects also.

Looks like the ultra-low budget production & self-distribution path is catching on with more & more young filmmakers - most excellent. Why are such driven, self-reliant & collaborative people with initiative important? Because, I think, that's the type of people who will eventually become the next generation of leaders in the indie film world - also potential collaborators on many kinds of creative & business projects (in and beyond the indie film world), and employees or employers of the future for various projects for many people. Will have more on this new DIY generation soon.

- Sujewa


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