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Frustrating (& in retrospect hilarious) conversation re: feminism & sex leads to story line in my new movie

On Sunday night, in Brooklyn, I found myself trapped in a very frustrating conversation that ultimately dealt with feminism & how ideas introduced by that movement/philosophy affects human sexuality - or maybe I should say sex in America & other post-feminist countries (much of the world has not heard of feminism too clearly yet). I was talking with another dude - and a lot of the misunderstandings arose (i think) from each of us having drastically different definitions for & understandings of the same terms/words (also, maybe I was not very clear in making certain arguments). This is also a subject I've talked about with various girlfriends over the years - and, I think, part of the problem (confusions arising at the intersection of feminism & sex - or perhaps feminism & gender roles, responsibilities, expectations - both public & private) is people are afraid to talk about the matter because they are afraid of being perceived as someone having an unacceptable or negative opinion on the matter (reminds me of that Seinfeld scene where the characters are uncomfortable talking about race). Thus, a fiction comedy-drama is a great place to discuss this issue - so I added a new storyline to my next movie - one that deals with this issue, hopefully to both useful & entertaining effect. The next film is generally about Brooklyn - made up of multiple story lines. Still working on the script. Maybe I can shoot it in the Spring (though I am going to start shooting b-roll stuff this month, also images/video that could work as rough drafts for the final images).

- Sujewa


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