Monday, November 17, 2008

Jurors pick film they did not enjoy as winner in St. Louis

Congrats to Mary Bronstein & team Yeast for their victory at the St. Louis International Film Festival.

From the St.Louis Post-Dispatch:

"Bronstein’s psychodrama about three co-dependent young women is reminiscent of John Cassevetes at his most claustrophobic. None of us jurors–Variety critic Scott Foundas, St. Louis Art Museum assistant education director Bill Appleton, novelist Scott Phillips and P-D critic emeritus Harper Barnes–confessed to actually enjoying it; yet none of us could forget it either. It was a welcome reminder that there are still all kinds of ways to make a movie. As Goodman said, with all the technology at our disposal, there’s never been an easier time time to make a movie–even if there’s never been a harder time to make money at it."

Read the rest of the article here.

Thanks to Boredom At Its Boredest blog for the link.

For the record, I did enjoy Yeast when I saw it at the Maryland Film Festival last year. But that quote above - re: jurors not enjoying Yeast - was very amusing.

- Sujewa

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