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Indie Film Blogger Road Trip @ Atlanta Film Festival in April, & @ New Vision Cinema, NYC in March or April

Both of these items re: IFBRT is slightly old news & I don't have any new details on either screening event yet, but, for those who are just hearing about Indie Film Blogger Road Trip - from press generated by its 2/17 premiere in NYC - there will be at least a couple of chances to see the doc over the next two months - as a part of the New Vision Cinema screening series that takes place in NYC (in March or April), & as a part of the 2009 Atlanta Film Festival, which takes place in April. Should have details about both events w/ in the next two to three weeks, & will post all the info. here.

People who are not in NYC or Atlanta should be able to catch the doc on the web both as a part of Atlanta Film Fest (streaming is a part of the fest's planned presentation of the doc) & then later, starting in May or June, in several parts/episodes at Of course DVDs of the doc will be available at some point from me/Wild Diner Films between now & the middle of this year - will post the DVD ordering info. at this blog as soon as they are available.

- Sujewa


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