Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blogs.mu for indie filmmakers

You heard it here first indie film people - the new Wordpress powered service Blogs.mu can be an awesome tool for creating & promoting low budget movies & in creating that highly prized community feel that we want to attach to our products (communities = long term revenue streams, & plus, more fun). Basically, for free (if you are OK with their ads) or for a very small fee ($1 a blog per month I believe is the low end) you could create/host/edit a network of blogs that deal with either one project, several projects, a community, or whatever (for our use, I can see indie filmmakers or companies creating a Blogs.mu community for each of their films or even getting a blog for each of the key creatives, or, why not, all the people involved in the project). Here are some links to explore:

The thing itself - Blogs.mu: http://blogs.mu/

Here's a quick intro to the concept:

Here's a community called Indie Films that I just started (probably for mostly promoting my own movies, but, I'll probably end up promoting friends' projects too):
It's less than bare bones now, but I can envision how that indie films blog network could be developed into a very useful marketing tool.

Another thing that my (or anyone else's for that matter) Blogs.mu sites can be used for is doing blogging-for-hire work for indie filmmakers & projects who do not want to blog themselves (don't like blogging, don't have the time, not good at it, whatever) but would not mind having daily or weekly posts getting published about their projects. Something to look into.


I don't know if blogging & for that matter indie filmmaking & distribution are ways to get rich, but participating in those activities definitely makes life more interesting, & certain film projects could turn into small revenue streams, & blogging & other DIY publicity will definitely help with that.

- Sujewa


James Farmer said...

Thanks for the link and the great feedback - we're glad that you;re finding the site useful and would love it to become a useful resource for indie cinema!

Cheers, James

The Sujewa said...

Hey James,

Blogs.mu looks like its got great potential, we'll see how people use it. Looking forward to developing my blogs there.

- S



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