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Whale review at New Turtleneck Films

Well written review of Whale, with descriptions of the major segments of the movie, at New Turtleneck Films. From the review, the intro paragraph:

"I'm not sure how Amir Motlagh is going to feel about me opening an analysis of his first feature whale with a Joe Swanberg quote, as he's expressed some ambivalence, both in public and private, about certain independent filmmakers, Swanberg included, whose films have been grouped together as part of a "movement". I felt opening with that quote was apt, however, because Motlagh's film is full of experimentalism, feels nothing like typical Hollywood (or even independent) movies, and shows a full awareness of the freedom that independence gives low-budget filmmakers: the freedom to eschew traditional plot structure, the freedom to sidestep confrontation and deny pay-offs, the freedom to use both sound and picture expressionistically to arrive at first-person-cinema, camera-stylo."

Read the opening quote & the rest of the review at New Turtleneck Films.

And here's the site for Whale. And the blog for Whale.

- Sujewa




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