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Destroy Fake IMAX blog :: Ansari challenges IMAX CEO to a TV debate

IMAX should hire Aziz Ansari as a spokesperson when they decide to re-brand their "IMAX for the small movie theater screens" products & services 'cause Ansari's comic rage at having to pay $5 extra for "fake IMAX" aka LIEMAX at an AMC theater is getting the company all kinds of attention (at present mostly the negative kind, but hey, couple of biz plan changes & some new hiring & maybe some firing later, it can all work in IMAX's favor). The latest on the ordinary people (assisted by a TV actor/comic) vs. IMAX struggle:

Destroy Fake IMAX blog, where fake IMAX screens around the US are being identified.

Also, Ansari challenges IMAX CEO to a televised debate on their respective positions - here.

- Sujewa


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