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Film Criticism in the Internet Age post at The Chutry Experiment

For those of us who are into this subject, a new addition to the conversation at Chuck Tryon's blog. Here's a paragraph that I like (for obvious reasons):

"First, it’s worth noting that these debates have been evolving for several years, and in fact two recent documentaries, Sujewa Ekanayake’s Indie Film Bloggers Road Trip (full disclosure: I appear in Sujewa’s film) and Gerald Peary’s For the Love of Movies have sought, to varying degrees, to engage with these changes. In print, this ongoing debate surfaces every few months, reminding us that the traditional definitions of film criticism, addressed in this post by David Bordwell (note: in my response, I attempt a brief taxonomy of some of the possible modes of blog-based criticism), are in the process of revision, especially when many film bloggers are themselves filmmakers and when the production of information is increasing exponentially. Here, Clive Davies-Frayne, as part of Alejandro’s roundtable, offers one solution that may work for the filmmaking set: “promote the whole of your scene with integrity and passion.” In other words: acknowledge your biases but also make abundantly clear what you like about the film cultures in which you participate, whether as a filmmaker, critic, or both."

Read the rest of the post at The Chutry Experiment.

- Sujewa


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