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First 35 mins. of Reid Gershbein's new film Here. My Explosion...

I haven't seen the whole thing yet, but I did see a couple of scenes that may have to do with a physics mystery, and, I hear Reid shot & recorded sound for this film (using lavs) himself - which is a great way to go for DIY filmmakers who do not want to or can't (due to budgetary limitations, nature of scene, etc.) use another person for boom mic, etc. - so I was curious about the dialogue sound quality (excellent, from what I saw). Also I like the way the video looks (HD?) - kind of pastelly/soft/nice colors, & Reid did a selective focus thing in the trailer (see it here) for this film (in post?). Looking forward to seeing the whole 35 mins. after work. So, here it is (& go here for more info. on Here. My Explosion...):


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