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From 2 reviews of "Here. My Explosion..."

Let's get all David Hudson-y here & link to a couple of reviews of the new feature "Here. My Explosion... " (released on the web yesterday, go here to watch it).

From Filmmaker Slog:

"Being a true indie production puts it into some context but that doesn't mean I'll cut it any slack. There are things to dislike about the movie (mainly technical) but the performances shot in a cinema verite style are very natural and, I found, quite absorbing (despite many shots looking at the backs of people's heads). I forget who said it, but "movies are about people" and in that respect HME holds its own. Just the fact that people talk over each other freely is a small revelation when you're conditioned to standard Hollywood blockbusters where crashing each other's lines is just not the done thing (or if it is done, it is done in post dialogue editing). Visually the tilt-shift and grading give the whole production an almost surreal feel - which, considering the story is about coffee drinking producing matter-shifting events is just as well."

Read the rest at Filmmaker Slog.

From Universal Causality:

"It’s about Sera (Eleese Longino), an artist who has a weird relationship with coffee. Or more accurately, coffee cups from which she’d drunk from. The empty coffee cups make magical things happen to objects around them, when she’s not watching. Yes, I think the basic concept is new and fresh too. And I like new and fresh..."

Read the rest at Universal Causality.

Go here to see Here. My Explosion....

I have a long interview with HME's director Reid Gershbein coming soon/this weekend/by Monday.

- Sujewa


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