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Interview with The Spider Babies actor Sarah Rodgers

Here's the intro to the interview:

"Sarah Rodgers is an Austin performer known by most as Miss Conduct of the TXRD – Lonestar Rollergirls. As Miss Conduct, Sarah Rodgers has graced the pages of The RollingStone, and was featured in a 2006 A&E television series “Rollergirls.” Most recently Sarah Rodgers can be found on the big screen sharing her experience on the track in the fast paced documentary, Hell on Wheels, produced by Austin filmmakers Bob Ray and Werner Campbell. “Sarah was the first actor we cast for The Spider Babies,” said director Christopher Sharpe. “I knew she had a great look, but once I met with her in person, she was so in sync with the character and the project that there was never really a “plan B” for Greta. Sarah was it.”"

Read the interview at The Spider Babies site.

- Sujewa


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