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the night time is the right time (for working on a script while traveling), update on Brooklyn Fantastic

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figured out the rest of the story (selected the stories i wanted to use out of several, & the structure of the entire movie) for Brooklyn Fantastic while traveling from New York City to Maryland early this morning on a bus (left NYC around 11 PM & got to DC at 3 AM). being in transit has helped me write (figured out the plot for Wild Diner while on a ride on bus in Rockville, MD, wrote Fresh Coffee while on an amtrak train from MD to Chicago), also, writing late at night, when everyone else is sleeping & making dreams helps me finish scripts - probably because writing stories for movies is kind of like a waking dream activity, also because a lot of dreams are "in the air" at night. so here's what i can say now about the stories & structure of Brooklyn Fantastic:

Story 1 - About a couple who lives in Brooklyn
Story 2 - About a woman who is attempting to move to Brooklyn (already filmed, featuring Susan Buice & Amir Motlagh)
Story 3 - About a fantastic birthday experienced by the guy from the couple in Story 1. An element of Story 2 has a major impact in Story 3. This story also has an ancient mythology/The Matrix/Joseph Campbell stuff going on - maybe you could say some sci-fi type stuff.

The lead male character in Story 1 & 3 will be played by an African-American actor. I'll look for the actor in June, most likely. The character will be a very rarely seen type in American & world cinema.

Pretty close to paying off all the bills from the March shoot of what is now considered Story 2 of BF. So, at some point in May, after the Story 1 & 3 scripts are done, I'll be on my way to shooting the rest of BF.

I am hoping I can do a sneak preview of BF this Fall or Winter in NYC.

so, i'll be busy rest of spring & also summer finishing up BF. blogging will be kept to a minimum (mostly only when i have to promote some news regarding Date Number One, Indie Film Blogger Road Trip, or BF).

- Sujewa


It looks like things are moving along. That's great. I read back when you were first working on the film blogger road trip Doc and rented a GL2 for $80. I want to shoot on DV and may need to rent a camera.

Did you rent that GL2 in Baltimore or in NYC? Also, did you rent it from a company or from another videographer or filmmaker?
The Sujewa said…
Hey Nicole,

I rented from Vox Cam in Silver Spring, MD.

Most renatal houses should have SD DV cams these days for around a $100 for a weekend rental.

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