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Predator review link

Saw Predator again after like 50,000 years. Flick is still excellent - except for a few goofy moments, it's kind of like a sped up Terrence Malick movie - but with an alien hunter (emphasis on "kind of like" i guess, also what if Terrence Malick were to re-make Predator?, that might be awesome). For those who are new to this achievement in cinema, here is a review of the movie at PopMatters. From the review:

"Written by brothers Jim and John Thomas (who claim influences by Greek myths and Apocalypse Now) and directed by newbie John McTiernan (he had only made Nomads, in 1986, and Die Hard came a year later), Predator is surprisingly fine. Taut and relentless, it pares down, stage by stage. Beginning as if it might be a war movie (the team is sent on a dangerous mission), transforms first into horror (skinned bodies and splatted heads), then into science fiction (the discover of the alien, with electric gimmicks and awesome weapons), and finally, becomes an existential conflict between man and not-man."

Read the rest of the review here.

And doesn't everything ultimately come down to an existential conflict between man and not-man? I think so.

Also, while we are on the subject, when are they going to make Predalien? (at the end of Predator vs. Alien I saw a Predalien being born).



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