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some real reviews of Limits of Control as amusing as the fake Jarmusch script notes for a Ghostbusters sequel

From a real review of Jim Jarmusch's new movie The Limits of Control, at Cinematical:

"One night he returns to his room to find a voluptuous naked woman (Paz de la Huerta) lying on his bed, a gun in her right hand. "Do you like my ass?" she asks. Is she a figment of his imagination? Did he dream her up off the museum wall? She tempts him to have sex with her, but he remains chaste -- "Not while I'm working" -- even while she slumbers naked, pressed against his body, throughout the night. Is he testing his self-control? Has she been sent to distract him? What is he doing in Spain?"

And now, from McSweeney's Internet Tendency, fake notes for a Jarmusch movie, a Ghostbusters sequel:

"Sigourney Weaver cameo. She's possessed again. What can Bill Murray do about it? He chooses to do nothing. They part. Is that a hint of regret on his face? Could be. Or maybe he is thinking of something else. Is that the devil himself turning her eyes a lurid red? Or is it an allergy? Either interpretation is valid. Slow fade to black."

Funny. Lightly hilarious, how both documents react to Jarmusch's movies.

Read the rest of the Cinematical review of LoC here.

And the rest of the McSweeney's page here.

- Sujewa


Tambay said…
Saw it late last night, and in a post-screening haze, wrote up a review and posted it. However, I woke up this morning unsure of whether I did indeed see the film, and post a review, forgetting much of what I'd said. So, I rushed to my computer to re-read my entry, just to make sure I didn't say anything I'd later regret, and that there weren't any run-on sentences, and grammatical errors.

It actually all still feels like it all never really happened... surreal... Is "Jarmuschian" a coined term?
The Sujewa said…
sounds very interesting mr. tambay. looking forward to reading your review. but maybe i already read it & do not recall? :)

i've seen Jarmuschian used in articles about him, also Jarmusch-esque.

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