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Sundance to show low budget films

Read all about it at Shadow and Act.



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Thanks for posting this information. I read the Shadow and Act article and then went over the Indiewire's related article (which was linked from the shadow one) and briefly looked it over.

It's great that the new director wants to program low-budget or "truly indie" films as many would call them and kind of even out the playing field for filmmakers who did not automatically arrive to Sundance with a studio backing them.

I still believe that Slamdance is a great film festival. It has become as important as Sundance so while many may criticize Sundance for programming more studio-produced indies and promoting celebrities and all of that Hollywood-type glamor, there is nothing wrong with growth and that's probably what Sundance has done. When people get bigger, they make changes and want big things.

It has been difficult for a lot of ultra low-budget indies to get into Sundance in the last few years, but some still do. I wouldn't blame Sundance...blame the work and/or marketing abilities. Let the films speak for themselves and if programmers like them, they will be accepted into the fest, no matter if it's Sundance, or another event on the film festival circuit.

According to the article, these "low-budget" changes may even take effect for the 2010 Sundance festival, so it will be interesting to find out what will be programmed at that time.

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