Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Cleo from 5 to 7 clip, review link, DVD & streaming link

Now if this clip had subtitles it would be better, but still, very interesting:


Here's a review of the film from Slant. From the review:

"All throughout, Varda captures the fairy-tale essence of early '60s Paris with a vivacity and richness that rivals Godard's Breathless. Unlike her New Wave compatriots, whose talents were reared in part at film schools, Varda was trained in the field of photography and consequently films the city with a completely unique vision. Her framing teems with life at every corner: kittens wrestling in Cléo's apartment, a child playing a tiny piano in an alleyway, and quarrelling lovers in a café. She demonstrates an unerring eye for complex compositions that still manage to delineate between foreground and background planes. And in the bargain, every one of the film's gorgeously designed set pieces enhance our understanding of the character and amplify Cléo's understanding of herself."

Read the rest of the review at Slant.


A little DVD outfit called Criterion is selling a DVD of the movie, get it here (also you can watch the movie off of Criterion's site for $5).

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