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Islam + Punk Rock = The Taqwacores

A new sub-genre in punk rock, read all about it (& see a TV report on it too) here; there's a novel, bands/a scene, two films, and a book of photos. All the info. here.

And here's the intro to an the article on Taqwacore:

"Writer Michael Muhammad Knight coined the term "taqwacore" for his novel about a Muslim punk house in Buffalo, NY, which Knight initially distributed from the back of his car as a DIY photocopied zine. In time, the book found widespread publication through Autonomedia and garnered supporters, even inspiring the first woman-led prayer of a mixed-gender Muslim congregation in the United States in 2005. But something far grander was in the works; unbeknownst to Knight, a real Muslim punk scene was starting to emerge, based on the one he had imagined for the book."

More here.