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ran into maggie gylenhaal on the street

is this worth writing about? probably not, so here it is:

i was walking towards strand a couple of hours ago, thinking about wholesale & retail prices of books.

i noticed a familiar face walking towards me, could not place it immediately, but knew pretty quickly that it was a famous actress.

when we were close/in front of each other i said "hi".

the lady said "hi".

i said "aren't you that famous actress?"

she laughed & said "yeah".

and by this time she was opening a door to a building. so i said "OK, see ya later" or "have a great day" or something like that, and continued to head towards strand.

about a block later i was able to put a name to the face, it was maggie gylenhaal, from the dark knight & secretary.

i thought to myself "hmmm, encounters like that don't usually happen in kensington, md."



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