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Q: which one or two of the producers at Sundance Round Table would be best for helping you fight & win against an Aliens & Predators attack?

So, let's say one day you find yourself caught in the middle of an Aliens and Predators fight, as described in the trailer below:

And let's say you have the ability to bring one or two of the producers from the Sundance Producers Round table to help you survive & win against the two types of monsters mentioned above. Who would you bring? And why? Please elaborate. In order to properly formulate your answer you may want to watch all 3 parts of the Producers Round Table. Part 1 is below, and you can find part 2 here, and part 3 here. The person who provides the best answer (best as determined solely by me, using classified criteria) will win brunch (keep it under $20) from a Brooklyn restaurant. Good luck! And here's Part 1 of the Producer's Round Table:


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