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Winter will be over soon - it's prep time for Spring!

In a couple of weeks it will be March; warmer weather, more sunlight, & time to break out the cameras & start shooting outdoors. This March I am looking forward to completing Brooklyn Fantastic (working on script for story 2 now, story 1 was filmed in early '09). And before that, this month, after I get a whole bunch of day job work done, Date Number One & Indie Film Blogger Road Trip on DVD. And in March I need to release Unlimited Dreamtime. That's the near future forecast for Wild Diner Films. Be back in a week or so with some goodies. Oh, and happy Valentines Day for all you romantics - in celebration here's some video from Holloween '09 NYC ('cause Holloween is a more visually interesting semi-holiday than Valentines, & no doubt some romantic action happens on Halloween too):




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