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August is time for NYC :: The Secret Lives of NYC Indie Film Bloggers Project

This time last year I was focused on showing Date Number One in NYC (the screening at Pioneer in late August '06). That was fun. I had a good time taking a couple of trips to NYC & hanging out there - kind of like a vacation type thing. So, August '07 is rolling around and I am thinking of NYC again. Not ready to show DNO in NYC again - that will have to be in the fall at the earliest - but I've come up with a good excuse to take a trip (or two) & hang out in NYC in August:

The Secret Lives of NYC Indie Film Bloggers Project

Well, the name is extra exciting but in reality I will just be doing some live interviews with some of my favorite NYC based bloggers who write about indie film. I am going to talk to them about topics other than indie film- for the most part.

This idea evolved out of the desire to create an iW blogs page blogger meetup. Producing that event feels like it will be too much work for August '07, so I am going to do this similar - & more fun (I think), & simpler project instead.

Reading the recent 8 Things Meme answers provided by various bloggers I follow also helped me think up this project.

Will be in touch w/ various bloggers I read to see if you want to get together & talk one day this August. NYC based indie film bloggers who are interested in this project can also e-mail me ( to get the dialogue/planning started.

Most likely I will be in NYC for a week or so this August. Exact dates to be determined very soon.

Hmmm, V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N project. Most excellent.

- Sujewa


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