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Got the lead for "Bears", flick will be shot in Atlanta area :: DNO update

The main ideas for my new "no budget" (under $1K, at least that's the budget plan now :) feature "Bears" (working title, more on the flick here) came from hanging out with an old friend of mine - Brian Papin - in the DC area for a couple of years in the late 90's & early '00s. We had some very interesting conversations/arguments about the world, history, individual abilities & responsibilities, as well as a lot of whacked out funny conversations, and some of those ideas & events should work their way into the movie. Brian is slated to play the lead in the flick as of now. I am going to play a supporting role (didn't know I acted did ya? :) Brian lives in the Atlanta area & has many daily/weekly responsibilities (house! jobs! kids!), so I will have to go down to Atlanta for a couple of weeks & shoot the flick there, since it will be difficult for Brian to come down (or is it up?) to DC for an extended period of time. We are aiming for a winter/spring (Feb or March) shoot. More on "Bears" as things get done. Now, on to finishing up the script.


On the Date Number One front, did some merciless cutting on that flick yesterday, the film is 1/2 hour shorter now for sure & a lot slicker (more & better transitions, music, etc.). DNO is gonna have a whole new distribution life in '08!

- Sujewa


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