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SLOW ROMANCE movie (2020) color test video

Werewolf Ninja Philosopher at Vimeo VOD

What's Chinese for customer service?

Tambay Obenson on being interviewed for the indie film blogger doc

Got 2.5 hrs of interviews for The Indie Film Bloggers (a great start) - Thanks a lot NYC!

Happiness Is No Fun at The Obenson Report

Be back Mon...

Got the full title for the indie film blogger doc

TONIGHT - Hot Summer Night Shorts in Kensington, MD

Mary Stuart Masterson on self-distributing her film The Cake Eaters

Brandon "Cinema Echo Chamber" Harris is in for the blogger doc

Jarmusch in the Simpsons

The book industry may be a good model to use in accomodating the new developments & growing the US film industry

NC 7/11, Atlanta 7/12 to do interviews for The Indie Film Bloggers

Congrats on 20 years of indie excellence Zeitgeist!

The real indie film perspective backlash to Mark Gill's "sky is falling" speech has officially begun

Tales of the Starlight Drive-In - a comic book

Barry Jenkins interviews cinematographer Asif Siddiky

The Obenson Report is going to be a part of The Indie Film Bloggers

Yeah, don't worry about that Mark Gill speech too much, fear is mostly a Hollywood thing

Will be interviewing/filming bloggers this weekend in NYC for my indie film bloggers doc

SilverDocs '08 winners

Hurricane Katrina doc Trouble the Water Q & A notes from SilverDocs, at Film Panel Notetaker

100 new indie bookstores opened last year

Interview re: marketing the balloon doc Twisted

Wedding over, SilverDocs, etc. tomorrow

Beginning Filmmaking, a short by Jay & Ella Rosenblatt, @ SilverDocs

OK, a bunch of people will get the chance to see Medicine for Melancholy

SilverDocs '08 is on yo

Rescuing the Critical Mass With 'Exile Cinema' article

Chuck Tryon & Amir Motlagh are into the bloggers doc project

The most important stuff you would need to shoot a DV short or feature available for sale

Plain Us and knock.knock reviews at Hollywood Is Talking

Don't drink the tap water in some parts of Montgomery County, MD for the next three days

Review of Fauborg Treme in ShortEnd Magazine

Miracle at St. Anna trailer

Re: Jonathan Marlow's "There are far too many people making movies that have no business picking up a camera" idea

Until The Indie Film Bloggers doc is done, follow its progress at its site/blog

To Georgia in July

What she does when she is not directing

Site/blog for the new doc The Indie Film Bloggers is up

The Incredible Hulk...This time it's emotional

Obama, Bush, McCain pay tribute to Tim Russert

Indie film blogger doc

Family wedding that week, won't be able to cover SilverDocs

What I learned by arguing with a bunch of people who hate Spike Lee and are big fans of Clint Eastwood

Michael Ondaatje's got a "new" book; Divisadero

Ed Halter's article on microcinemas at FilmInFocus

How filmmakers will get paid through the new

Miracle at St. Anna poster at Cinematical

Latest re: the 6/27 short films screening

Dirty Harry is angry at Spike Lee; lots of Guradian Film Blog readers think it's totally cool

Notes from a Where Internet and Film Collide event, June 5

Religion Sunday post: Buddhism and war

Trailer for Amos Poe's EMPIRE II

Disappearances in Sri Lanka video on Human Rights Watch site

Take Out sounds good

Conchords - "BOOM!"

Kurt Cobain About A Son on Sundance Channel tonight

Re: festivals representing the collective judgment of the independent film community

New Date Number One screening dates, DVD info. by the end of this month

All the Vermeers in New York review at NYT in '92

Photos from the 5/30-6/1/08 NYC trip

Indie Film Blogger Road Trip