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I've started shooting footage for a documentary about indie film bloggers. If you are one, and you want to be a part of the documentary, e-mail me ( I am going to interview/videotape indie film bloggers in NYC, DC area, Baltimore & places close to those cities this summer about this thing that we do. The finished film might be interesting, might be entertaining, and will certainly be a snapshot of sorts of how quite a bit of indie film news, ideas, opinions get expressed & circulated at the moment. I hope to have the doc finished in the fall.

- Sujewa


Anonymous said…
What about us (bloggers) in Salt Lake City who want to be in your film?
Generally I don't let annonymous comments through, but in this case this is a general interest question re: this project;

Bloggers who are elsewhere (outside of the NYC-DC-Baltimore triangle & nearby) will need other docs about them; perhaps a project for a filmmaker/blogger in your area.

In my doc I'll mention other bloggers elsewhere who cover a lot of indie film stuff; even though we won't able to interview them for the doc.

Maybe we'll end up with a fairly representative group of subjects; bloggers kind of like the ones active elsewhere; we'll see. Or at least elements of being a blogger/the blogger experience can be captured fairly well from the sample group of bloggers that will end up in the doc.

- Sujewa
Anonymous said…
It seems counterintuitive to me to make a film about a phenomenon that is completely tied to the Internet and then place so much stock in geographical proximity. Really, isn't the instantaneous international exchange really the medium's defining feature? I guess I just don't get where you're coming from.

re: "It seems counterintuitive to me to make a film about a phenomenon that is completely tied to the Internet and then place so much stock in geographical proximity."

That aspect of the scene - people from any place being able to communicate with other people through blogs, comments will be discussed in the doc. But I want to interview bloggers, & film them doing other stuff besides blogging, for that I need to be physically at places where bloggers live work; and a lot of them live in the NYC area - close to me - so I'll be doing a lot of filming there.

Of course there are many other ways to make a movie about film bloggers. The approach that I am taking is a doable & fun one for me.

Also, there is a real world version of the bloggers world on the web - bloggers hanging out & talking with each other in the real world -that happens everywhere - specially in NYC - I also want to get some of that in the doc.

- Sujewa

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