Kurt Cobain About A Son on Sundance Channel tonight

Read all about the event from the director himself, here.

If you get the Sundance Channel & you have not seen About A Son yet & you are remotely interested in indie/punk/90's rock, lives of artists, & very creative filmmaking, check it out.

"Documentary filmmaker A. J. Schnack (GIGANTIC: A TALE OF TWO JOHNS) breaks nearly every established rock documentary convention in this "deeply moving" (Village Voice) examination into the short life of Kurt Cobain. The voice of the Byronic grunge rock icon is heard in excerpts from revealing interviews recorded a little more than a year before his 1994 suicide. Cobain is heard ruminating about fame, drugs, his childhood and his band as impressionistic images of locales from Cobain's life in the Pacific Northwest provide a visual counterpoint."

Congrats to Team Son on the SC premiere!

- Sujewa



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Chai Rose said…
Very creative film making, moving voice clips of the late Cobain from interviews, found myself at the end of the film knowing more about Cobain than I ever knew in the 90's...from his emotional pain to physiological chronic pain, to his heroin addiction. Also found interesting his admitted hatred for people, but the love he had for performing for them, his fans...and how his fans made him happy for their devotion to his music. A must see for any fan, on any level...

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