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Dirty Harry is angry at Spike Lee; lots of Guradian Film Blog readers think it's totally cool

According to this Guardian Film Blog post, when Spike Lee pointed out that the contribution of African-American soldiers to WWII has not been reflected in many Hollywood movies about WWII (specifically Clint Eastwood's Flags & Iwo Jima), Eastwood responds by telling Lee to shut up.

And a lot of the commenters at the Guardian Blog automatically takes Eastwood's side. Even though Lee's complaint is accurate; most Hollywood movies have ignored, for DECADES, contributions made by non-"white" soldiers in the battle against the Nazis, Facist Italy & Imperial Japan. If I recall correctly, aside from African-American soldiers, hundreds of thousands of soldiers from India & other British colonies served on the side of the Allied Powers (including at least one of my own relatives from Sri Lanka), also non-"white" soldiers from French colonies. However, most WWII movies thus far, specially ones from Hollywood, have ignored the non-"white" soldiers.

Chill out Clint, Spike speaks the truth on this matter.

Go here for the Guardian post.

- Sujewa


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