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Got 2.5 hrs of interviews for The Indie Film Bloggers (a great start) - Thanks a lot NYC!

Thanks to the Chinatown bus, a very helpful MTA/NYC subway train station employee, and specially Brian "The Film Panel Notetaker" Geldin, Tambay "The Obenson Report" Obenson, & Brandon "Cinema Echo Chamber" Harris, & of course a sweaty but still beautiful New York City, I shot the first 2.5 hours of interview footage for my doc The Indie Film Bloggers today. Had a great time filming the interviews, learned a lot. Will have some photos from the weekend when I get back to DC/MD this week. And possibly a "in-production"/promo trailer for the doc in the coming weeks/July. Lots more interviews with lots more indie film bloggers in the coming weeks (any indie film blogger who is interested in being in the doc can e-mail me ( & we'll see if we can work together on this project).

Speaking of IFB subjects, check out this Amazon page for info. on Tambay's real indie & self-distributed feature Beautiful Things. About the movie; from one of the review quotes on the Amazon page: "With its judicious use of black and white, New York, and a cool jazz score, this at times puts me in mind of early John Cassavetes and, with it's improv/unscripted feel, it's like you're actually privy to the intimate details of a real young couple's relationship - from its fledgling flirty stage, through its angst ridden, flailing progress, to its uncertain demise..."

Looking forward to checking out my DVD of Beautiful Things. You can buy a DVD of the movie from Amazon & do the same; might be a very rewarding experience.

- Sujewa


Thanks Sujewa - it was a pleasure! As I said in my post on my blog, it was inspiring to hang out with all 3 of you yesterday. I need to do that more often. It energizes the creative side of me!

See you again some time soon.


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