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Hmmm, I guess hard core fans of the later seasons of Sex and the City will really dig the movie

Partially driven by Kurt Loder's review of Sex and the City movie, I went and checked it out today. There were a couple of good moments in it. Good cinematography as always/as seen in the TV show. But the verve & freshness of some of the early episodes of the TV series is pretty much not present in the movie. However, since I am not a part of the target audience for the movie, and tons of people are checking out the movie, according to media reports, I guess the movie is a marketing & sales success. Good for the business side of things, but I personally was not entertained the same way I was by some of the early episodes of the TV series (me & my girlfriend did laugh at the movie a lot, which is not - I assume - the kind of response the makers of the movie necessarily wanted). I found the Diane Arbus line to be funny, but no one else in the Silver Spring Majestic 20 theater did (or at least I didn't hear them laugh out loud). All in all, kind of interesting. But hey, congrats on the high ticket sales & of course getting the movie done & out. And, we (or at least in mainstream distributed movies) don't often see ladies in their 40's & 50's as leading females in romantic comedies, so that was a refreshing change (although, the ladies in Sex/City movie look like they are in their 30's - more or less, but the characters were supposed to be mostly 40-something, w/ Samantha at 50).

- Sujewa


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