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The Obenson Report is going to be a part of The Indie Film Bloggers

Discovered a new blog called The Obenson Report - focusing on Africa related filmmaking (or re-discovered it, I think I saw it at one point in the past), & the blogger Tambay Obeson is interested in being interviewed for my new doc The Indie Film Bloggers, so, that interview will be happening this weekend in NYC. Check out The Obenson Report if you haven't yet, the first few posts that I read were interesting.

There are thousands of indie film bloggers, at least, and my movie can probably provide portraits of at least a dozen or so. So far the line up of subjects for the doc is shaping up well; self/Sri Lankan-American DIY filmmaker & blogger, Brian Geldin/Film Panel Notetaker; NYC based unique film blog (i don't know of any other blogger that does what Brian does - as the 100% focus of their blog), Chuck Tryon; media professor & blogger (thus his writing style is generally different & more detailed than those of most other non-academic bloggers), Noralil of ShortEnd Magazine fame in Atlanta, Tambay/Obenson Report/notes on Africa & diaspora related filmmaking, plus a few others that I am talking with at the moment re: the doc - all in all I hope to provide a detailed snapshot of blogging about indie film at this point in time and an introduction, maybe more, to a few people who spend time on a regular basis thinking & writing about indie film & related matters. The finished doc should be a treat for audience members who are into indie films & blogs & interesting people - audience members like me basically :)

- Sujewa


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