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Werewolf Ninja Philosopher at Vimeo VOD

And now for some indie action, sci-fi, thriller, martial arts fun - FORBIDDEN POWER!

WEREWOLF NINJA PHILOSOPHER review by filmmaker Rick Schmidt

Werewolf Ninja Philosopher now available from Vimeo VOD

An Audience Review of Werewolf Ninja Philosopher

Werewolf Ninja Philosopher full trailer - 10/26/18 release - Maysles Cinema screenings links

Werewolf Ninja Philosopher teaser trailer 1 - 10/8/18 * Film screens 10/25-31 at Maysles Cinema - link

Werewolf Ninja Philosopher movie links! - Character trailer, Website, Tickets for the 10/25-31 Maysles Screenings and more!

Pinnland Empire review of Amir Motlagh's new feature Three Worlds, links to 4 Motlagh films - Three Worlds, MAN, Canyon, Whale

Jonas Mekas LINKS - Village Voice interview, Videos, Fandor link

Watch Canyon, MAN, Three Worlds NOW - The Three Marks, Too Many Signals Series by Amir Motlagh

Art Film/Sci-Fi Drama THREE WORLDS By Amir Motlagh Now Available!

Playback: Aaron Katz on ‘Gemini’ and the Erosion of Mid-Budget Studio Filmmaking


BLACKKKLANSMAN - Cannes 2018 - Press Conference - EV

Le Tigre - Deceptacon (live conciertos de radio3 - 2005)


An Education: Charles Burnett on the UCLA Years

Mysterious Impressions: Connor Jessup on Apichatpong Weerasethakul

MAN - new film by Amir Motlagh - now available on Amazon Prime

Werewolf Ninja Philosopher in Brooklyn


Village Voice BREAKTHROUGH WEEKEND Review Link


HOUSE OF LITTLE DEATHS trailer and VOD link, intro to prolific underground director and critic Scout Tafoya - links, Patreon, and more!

LE LIVRE D IMAGE - Cannes 2018 - Press Conference - EV

Are Film Festivals the Future of Cinema? A Conversation with Locarno Festival Artistic Director Carlo Chatrian

Art as film, the screen is the filmmaker's canvas (making for the screen determines if a work is a film/movie or an internet video project)

BOOM FOR REAL is a great doc about Jean-Michel Basquiat, and about a community of artists and friendship - contains a lot of love

next 4 films - trailers, clips, more info coming by june - july

Andy Warhol made 650 films in 5 years

Time for a new thing - NEW ART FILM (since 2018) - as "indie film" is mostly a low budget version of Hollywood now

PORCUPINE LAKE by Ingrid Veninger screening 4/28 & 4/29 at Montclair Film Festival in NJ

Amir Motlagh on Filmwax Radio discussing new films MAN, Three Worlds 4/21/18 screening at Chicago Filmmakers

Producer Charles Borg on making MAN and Three Worlds

Breakthrough Weekend, film by Sujewa Ekanayake, coming later this year - review by Rick Schmidt

A Quiet Place Spoiler Special ft. John Krasinski - The Empire Film Podcast

Chicago Filmmakers 4/21/18 MAN and Three Worlds screening - two new feature films by Amir Motlagh - info, links, updates

Funniest video of the day :) - Will Ferrell and Joel McHale visit the Hammer Museum

Kevin Jerome Everson Masterclass

Check out videos, comedy, political satire by NoshPit Entertainment

A few words about Amir Motlagh and his two new films MAN and THREE WORLDS

Amir Motlagh's MAN and THREE WORLDS movies preview screening at Chicago Filmmakers on 4/21