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SLOW ROMANCE movie (2020) color test video

Werewolf Ninja Philosopher at Vimeo VOD

Wonderful Town review at Variety

Video interview with Emily "The Toe Tactic" Hubley

How to recognize evil

Stonehenge VI in DC was awesome! :: Some thoughts

You, the Living looks funny

Finished a new short...

Trailer & site link for doc Beautiful Losers

Millenium Declaration video

Orange Line - a new blog for Washington, DC arts

video link - 17 yr old putting on shows :: Above the Influence call for submissions

Mr. Freedom clips

The Cool School trailer link

Race Is A Lie post is back on the web

'08 Tribeca All Access projects

Snow Angels trailer

I'm Through With White Girls trailer

Slant's Ed Gonzalez's article "Barack Obama: A Story of Race and Politics"

David Lynch to the rescue

NYT: Groups Respond to Obama’s Call for National Discussion About Race

Wild Diner DVD site is up

James M. Johnston's short film GDMF

Eat, For This Is My Body trailer :: 3/27 & 3/29 screenings in NYC

Patricia "Under the Same Moon" Riggen interview at GreenCine

Under the Same Moon trailer

Happy 1 year anniversary ShortEnd Magazine!

"The perception of the American experience is a global commodity with real fiscal consequences the world over"; BARRY JENKINS INTERVIEW

Later on Arthur C. Clarke; great job on all those books & very useful ideas like the internet :: Clarke's 90th birthday video

Obama's speech on race (& re: Rev. Wright)

New website for Date Number One

It's Cinema Eye time!

First Take Film Festival in Augusta, GA 4/8 - 4/12, late deadline 3/25

City On A Hill trailer

Strange love triangle in St. Louis - TEXAS SNOW review

Texas Snow trailer

Sugimoto drive-in

Buy your J'Entends Plus la Guitare poster from Film Desk

Short versions of NYTimes film reviews set to clips (could this kind of thing be a tool for saving jobs of print film reviewers?)

Selected By...Andrew Bujalski series at Brattle Theater, Cambridge MA 3/14 - 3/19

Medicine for Melancholy to play in Maryland Film Festival, Philadelphia, Sarasota, IFFBoston, San Fran Int'l

Present Company trailer, review at Hammer to Nail

Pittsburgh Obama office opening video

Damon, Affleck & others to judge MoveOn's Obama ad contest

Medicine for Melancholy review at Cinematical

"a monk seen playing a guitar was acceptable, because foreign viewers might conclude that the monk was not from Thailand, but from Laos or Burma"

New Aaron Katz interview at Conversation Ball

Eran "The Band's Visit" Kolirin interview at indieWIRE

Glory at Sea trailer

Obama says no to the vice president suggestion

A possible 100% D.I.Y./indie filmmaking career path model; for people who are interested in that kind of thing

There's gonna be a new indie film screening space in Silver Spring, MD

The migration patterns of the most talented people

Evening Class review of Medicine for Melancholy

Hammer to Nail review of Medicine for Melancholy

1000 True Fans

Beautiful Losers trailer

video - Susan Rice (Obama's foreign policy adviser) on Tucker

Indecision '08 links: Clintons & Tony Rezko, All of the Obama news in one place, CBC exonerates Obama

Pink x 25 more

Great interview with director of Medicine for Melancholy at ShortEnd Magazine

This movie could be big (well, at least by real indie/DIY standards) - MEDICINE FOR MELANCHOLY trailer, review link

Chris Hansen is a Clean Freak

India to pay money to save girl babies

"Happiness is no fun" - short film by Brendon "Cinema Echo Chamber" Harris

YouTube video - Warren Buffet's million dollar challenge to the wealthiest people re: taxes

Wired article - "Inside Obama's Surging Net-Roots Campaign"

obama song spanish

love & vacuums, the pigeons, & peace propaganda

Indie Film Blogger Road Trip