This movie could be big (well, at least by real indie/DIY standards) - MEDICINE FOR MELANCHOLY trailer, review link

There are probably about a dozen, at least, indie movie ideas that deal with ethnic diversity in the US & will also strike a po$itive chord (that $ is for modest financial success - by real indie/DIY standards - low millions?) with a general audience at this point in time; & Medicine for Melancholy (official website) seems like it is exploring one of these ideas - ethnic identity - specifically African-American identity or identities - in an officially post-race, multi-ethnic, comparatively very successful, & post-historical society - specially at a time when an African-American candidate is very close to being nominated for president by the democratic party/an epic historical first. With the right kind of marketing & $s behind it MfM could be a cross-over indie film success (as far as I can tell at the moment, w/out having seen it - MfM does seem to have some great ingredients for a real indie success story, & well positioned; w/ SXSW selection, & most likely many positive reviews coming soon. maybe the flick will do well as an IFC In Theaters pick, if regular theatrical distribution does not happen, of course MfM can also do very well on DVD - again with lots of well thought out marketing. a hook up with a stranger is a universal event for a certain significant chunk of the US population/indie film customers, or at least it is a concept that can be easily understood by many - so, on the basic premise alone, MfM is doing very well. that plus the focus on diversity within the African American group will make this movie very interesting to many people who are into indie film or just interesting movies - i think. aside from all the deep calculations re: MfM being the right movie at the right time, the lead actress looks hot - & that'll sell some tickets :).

Check out Karina Longworth's enjoyable review of Melancholy here.


- Sujewa


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