James M. Johnston's short film GDMF

Description: "GDMF is an improv based short narrative about an exotic dancer named Bridgette. An only child raised by a caring yet judgmental single mom, she has grown into an exquisitely disengaged woman seeking her own brand of independence. One night, after performing at a party Bridgette's private and professional lives are catastrophically blurred by an unsettling personal discovery."


gdmf from Atombomb.tv on Vimeo.


jmj said…
Hey Sujewa, Thanks so much for putting this up! I appreciate your support.
No problem James. GDMF is a great short film (i mean, sad, story wise, but well made, you know). Lil' bit like some Gus Van Sant stuff. Keep up the good work. See ya at the Spiral Diner sometime.

- Sujewa

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